Laureate International Universities Admission and Campus

Laureate International Universities Admission and Campus

Explore admission and campus options at Laureate International Universities. Discover a global network of campus-based and online degree programs. In the dynamic landscape of higher education, Laureate International Universities stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence, shaping the future of students around the world. This leading international network of quality higher education institutions has carved its niche by providing accessible, diverse, and high-quality education through a combination of campus-based and online universities.

Laureate International Universities

Laureate International Universities is not just an education group; it’s a powerhouse comprising more than 75 accredited campus-based and online universities across 30 countries. What sets it apart is its commitment to excellence, creating a global academic community that spans continents and transcends borders.

Campus-Based and Online Universities: A Blend of Tradition and Innovation

Laureate International Universities offers a unique blend of campus-based and online universities, catering to the evolving needs of students in today’s fast-paced world. With a focus on accessibility, students can choose from a range of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, ensuring that education is tailored to their individual preferences and lifestyles.

The Laureate Advantage: Bridging the Americas

From Mexico to Peru, Laureate International Universities have established a significant presence in the Americas. The network of higher education institutions spans throughout North America, solidifying its place as the largest international education group in the region. This expansive presence empowers students to enroll in courses that are not only academically enriching but also culturally diverse.

Beyond Borders: A Global Academic Community

Being part of an international academic community that spans 29 countries, Laureate International Universities fosters a sense of global citizenship among its students. The emphasis on diversity and accessibility ensures that individuals from various backgrounds can thrive within the network, creating a rich tapestry of cultures and perspectives.

Laureate International Universities: FAQs

Q1: What makes Laureate International Universities different from other education groups? A1: Laureate stands out as a leading international network that focuses on quality higher education. The blend of campus-based and online universities caters to the diverse needs of students, fostering innovation and excellence.

Q2: How many countries does Laureate International Universities operate in? A2: Laureate has a presence in 30 countries, with a significant footprint in the Americas, the Middle East, Australia, and beyond.

Q3: Can I enroll in both undergraduate and graduate degree programs at Laureate International Universities? A3: Absolutely! Laureate offers a wide array of undergraduate and graduate degree programs, providing students with the flexibility to pursue their educational aspirations at various levels.

Q4: What is the Laureate network’s focus in terms of courses offered? A4: The network is primarily focused on providing high-quality courses in diverse fields such as hospitality management, finance, corporate innovation, and more. This ensures that students can specialize in areas that align with their career goals.

Q5: How accessible is Laureate International Universities for students worldwide? A5: Laureate’s commitment to accessibility is evident in its global presence and the availability of both campus-based and online programs. The emphasis on diversity ensures that education is within reach for students around the world.

The Laureate Journey: From Acquisition to Innovation

A Baltimore-Based Powerhouse

Laureate International Universities, headquartered in Baltimore, has made significant strides in the realm of for-profit education. Its innovative approach to higher education has not only positioned it as a key player in the industry but has also fueled its growth through mergers and acquisitions (M&A).

Strategic Investments: Shaping the Future

With an unwavering commitment to students’ success, Laureate International Universities has strategically invested in 130 career-focused higher education institutions. This investment goes beyond financial considerations; it reflects a dedication to creating a transformative learning experience for students worldwide.

Alumni Success: A Testament to Quality Education

Boasting a network of more than 4.7 million alumni, Laureate International Universities takes pride in the success stories of its graduates. These individuals, equipped with a high-quality education, have gone on to make significant contributions in various fields, serving as ambassadors for the Laureate legacy.

Corporate Responsibility: Privately Nurtured, Globally Impactful

As a privately held corporation, Laureate International Universities has the flexibility to innovate and adapt swiftly to the evolving landscape of higher education. This corporate autonomy enables the network to prioritize students’ needs and maintain a commitment to providing accessible and diverse education.

The Laureate Advantage: Empowering Students, Transforming Futures

Innovation at the Core

Laureate International Universities stands as an embodiment of innovation, with a focus on shaping the future of education. The network’s dedication to staying at the forefront of educational trends ensures that students receive a dynamic and forward-thinking learning experience.

Diverse Perspectives, Global Impact

With students hailing from 29 countries, Laureate International Universities creates a learning environment that values diverse perspectives. This not only enriches the academic experience but also prepares students to navigate a globalized world with cultural sensitivity and adaptability.

Quality Education, Accessible to All

The Laureate network’s commitment to accessibility goes beyond geographical borders. By offering a combination of campus-based and online programs, Laureate International Universities ensures that high-quality education is within reach for individuals, regardless of their location or background.


In the ever-evolving landscape of higher education, Laureate International Universities stands tall as a beacon of innovation, accessibility, and excellence. With a network of more than 75 accredited campus-based and online universities, Laureate empowers students globally, creating a community that transcends boundaries and shapes the future of education.

Whether you’re pursuing an undergraduate or graduate degree, looking for an innovative and diverse learning experience, or seeking a global community of like-minded individuals, Laureate International Universities welcomes you to join its transformative journey. Embrace the Laureate advantage, where education knows no bounds, and success knows no borders.

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